What we do and why it matters ?

With more than 10 years of experience, in the gem, and jewelry industry, we know just what you need.

We provide solution to enterprise for process, inventory, and trade management. We mind storm to make the trade more, and more lucid.

Gem cutting, have its own unique sets of problems, which varies with gemstone, and its various properties. It's all about information that is required to process the gem cutting, and polishing to obtain the best value of gem.

Similarly retailers, and jewelry manufacturer have problems like legitimacy, and uniformity, which when provided with authenticity increases the trust within the customers, for the product.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to make global gem, and jewelry trade more, and more lucid. We see forward to build a new kind of bond between the piece of jewelry, and wearer.

We are working to evolve the use of information generated in the journey of gem, and jewelry, so the manufacturers, traders, retailers, and freelancers get a new set of dynamism to enhance their day-to-day activity, and business.

Our History

From Late Mr. Dashain Sarraf (Great Grand Father), to Mr. Kundan Amarnath Sarraf, founder & CEO, are known for doing business of gem, and jewelry.

SAANS, a proprietary firm established on 2009, passing through every process, and section of the industry, gem cutting, and trading, jewelry manufacturing, jewelry B2B, and B2C, local, and global, and designing, made a pivot on 2017 to technology building firm to solve the root problems of the industry.

Message from Founder / CEO

" The global gem, and jewelry industry is passing through the broadest transitional phase of the history. It is the requirement of time for a paradigm shift with the use of technology. "

Kundan A. Sarraf - F.G.A., D.G.A

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