Payment, and refunds

SAANS INTERNATIONAL® follows SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between the server and the client. It helps to secure payment and ensures customer interest, and financial details are safe, and secure. It facilitate quick, and efficient online payments.


Credit/Debit Cards


SAANS INTERNATIONAL® accepts Visa and MasterCard. Credit cards order can easily be placed online using our secure server or over the phone with our customer service department. Please note that SAANS INTERNATIONAL® may require additional documentation in some cases for security purposes, such as Drivers License, National ID, etc. 




To use PayPal for your purchase, simply click the PayPal link on the website when you are ready to checkout. You will be directed to your PayPal account log-in or be given the option to create an account if you are new to PayPal.


Once logged in, you will select your payment options and consent to having SAANS INTERNATIONAL® charge your PayPal account for the amount of your purchase. You will then be directed back to SAANS INTERNATIONAL® portal to complete your order.


Money Wire


SAANS INTERNATIONAL® accepts wire transfer for large payments from international customers. Clients who wish to pay via wire will receive wiring instructions once they have checked out on SAANS INTERNATIONAL® website. Please note that we will require a confirmation from your bank that the transfer has been made before the items can be shipped


SAANS INTERNATIONAL® is liable to refund the full amount of registration, if the client cancels the registration within 7 days of payment.